Head of Office, External Sector Analysis Subdivision

Allan Holst

With over a decade of experience spanning Mexico's central bank, academia, and the private sector, Allan Holst is a seasoned economist with a focus on external sector statistics (ESS). His expertise extends to data compilation and analysis, facilitating timely contributions to critical initiatives such as the implementation of the IMF Balance of Payments Manual (BPM6) for Mexico’s statistical framework. Recognized for delivering strong results, he brings a proactive approach and a collaborative spirit to every project, fostering teamwork and ensuring outcomes align with strategic objectives.

At Banco de México, Allan has been instrumental in compiling statistics like the Balance of Payments (BOP) and the International Investment Position (IIP). His leadership was pivotal in coordinating efforts to meet the requirements of BPM6 implementation and addressing data gaps identified by international organizations. Furthermore, his involvement in international forums reflects his commitment to staying at the forefront of evolving methodologies and standards in ESS.

Beyond his institutional roles, Allan has contributed to the broader academic and professional community through research assistance at El Colegio de México and market analysis at ManattJones Global Strategies. His educational background, including a Master's in Economics and ongoing professional development through courses and certifications, underscores his commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Fluent in Spanish, English and French, with additional proficiency in Danish, Allan possesses the linguistic dexterity to engage effectively across diverse contexts. With a blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and a collaborative mindset, he is poised to make meaningful contributions to any organization or project in the realm of international economics.