Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales

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2024-07-15 15:41


The Mexican Council of Foreign Relations (COMEXI) along with the Arizona State University (ASU) present the webinar: "Rethinking today's university to solve tomorrow's problems" which emphasizes the role universities play in the proper preparation for the new global challenges. The webinar was given by Dr. Michael Crow, President of ASU, and Dr. Sergio Alcocer, President of México Exponencial.

Key takeaways

- ASU has a student body which is completely representative of the social economic diversity of Arizona and the U.S.

- The last thing that universities need to do is to replicate each other.

- Alliances can be very powerful, particularly innovating by the right thing not competing against each other.

- Universities do not exist for the faculty. They exist for the students.

- ASU encourages its faculty to design their own intellectual contracts within new intellectual frameworks for human evolution and social change.

- Universities have to become complex, adapting, knowledge and enterprise

Complex: able to deal with any level of complexity inside and outside the university. Do not use constrains to manage the complexity

Adapting: constantly in some kind of positive flux. Adapting to demand, to differences, to changes in technology. Change in the way the world is working

Knowledge: create an outcome.

Enterprise: operate as a enterprise.

- North America is the most dynamic and competitive region in the world so far.

- The Mexico-U.S. relationship is one of the most complex between two countries, we need to enlarge collaboration and cooperation among universities.

Prepared by: Didi Jiménez de la Peña